Application Procrastination, Skype, New Mexico and Norway

I’m writing this post because even though there are exactly 112 days until I set off to Norway I already feel like a part of the UWC family.  But first, a brief overview of the application process.  I spent exactly 5 days of my Christmas break writing my application and submitted it on January 1st at 11:30, exactly 30 minutes before it was due. I know what your thinking, Faith you are a stellar procrastinator. Why thank you very much!  Following the application I landed a Skype interview which was quite lovely and not nearly as scary as I thought it would be.  Following that I was one of 75 applicants to go to the UWC USA campus in New Mexico for the final stage of the interview


The UWC USA castle in New Mexico!

 Let me just say that on-site interview was an absolutely terrific experience.  I meet so many other outgoing and extremely friendly applicants from all over the country not to mention many amazing UWC students.  Although there were people following you around with clipboards during some parts, the whole occasion was very relaxed and SO much fun overall.  The weekend was dubbed a “mini UWC experience”.  We went on a hike, visited the farm, engaged in an interesting discussion about immigration in Dubai and finished things off with an awesome dance party.  The dance party was the best part by far but, reminded me how extremely uncoordinated I am. Thank goodness they didn’t take rhythm into account for the application because I would have definitely been rejected.  Amazingly, I became very close with my new friends even after less then three days with the other applicants.  The weekend also made me so much more excited to embark on the UWC experience.


 A fraction of the applicants on the last day experimenting with a selfie stick

However, the period that I waited for the acceptance email was the single most painful three days of my life.  When I finally received the email that I got into UWC Red Cross Nordic (my top choice) I was at tennis practice and became so overjoyed that the whole boys tennis team started staring at me (very embarrassing).  I’m still so happy that so many of wonderful people I met at the on-site interview got it and a little sad that I’m not at the USA campus to be with 50% for the next two years.  But I am sure I will meet equally amazing people in Norway and honestly I am really glad that UWC will be an international experience for me.  Also the mountains there love AMAZING.  The biggest reason I wanted to got to RCN was because of their outdoor activities, so I am 110% pleased with how it ended up.  Still a week and a half later I am walking on a cloud.  I just feel so unbelievably fortunate to be able to attend a UWC at all and overjoyed that I will go Norway because I have been dreaming about that campus specifically since I was a little kid.  Also, literally within the hour of finding out I got in my two 2nd year country mates contacted me on Facebook.  They seem so nice and helpful!!  If they are anything like the rest of the student body, I think I am really going to like it there.


My beautiful new home

Now that I have gotten in and the application process is over I can’t stop thinking about next year and am having a really hard time concentrating on my life here (especially my school work).  I know that I should be enjoying my friends and family because I will be away very soon but I can’t help myself from dreaming of all the adventures to come (rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, hiking, new people).   I think it will wear off soon because I have to start thinking about summer, WOOHOO!!!  Hopefully I’ll find something productive to do.  But right now I can’t stop thinking about what is in store for me.

Also UWC RCN still hasn’t contacted me with a packing list or any summer homework yet, which I wish I had just so I can know what to bring.  I know it’s most important to relax and enjoy myself now but it’s so much more difficult then I imagined.

Wow this post was a lot longer then I anticipated.  I’ll keep you posted on any further updates!

Goodbye for now


PS.  If any USA applicants have any questions at all about the application process feel free to ask me! I had a really positive experience and I think almost everyone else will agree.  Biggest advice, this sounds cliché but just be your self.  I was pretty intimidated by the application because I expected everyone to fit some sort of UWC mold.   But the amazing thing is every UWCer has very diverse interests so don’t be discouraged 🙂

10 thoughts on “Application Procrastination, Skype, New Mexico and Norway

  1. Hi! Congratulations on your acceptance. I’m interested in going to a UWC as well, but it would be in a few years… For now I’m obsessing over videos, pictures and blogs from UWC students, trying to figure out which one I’d like to go to the most. Was UWC RCN your first choice?


  2. Hi! I am a sophomore and I am applying for UWC. Is preference given to juniors over sophomores? What year did you apply? Thanks!


    1. I applied as a Junior and from what I know there is no preference, although more Juniors apply then sophomores. If you get to the last stage of the application process but don’t get in and and you are a sophomore you are encouraged to apply next year! But I even know people who applied sophomore year and didn’t get to the first stage but got in the next year as a junior. Hope that was helpful 🙂


  3. What was the hardest part for you during the application process? What kinds of questions did they ask you in the Skype interview? How long did it take for you after submitting the written application to know you were going to have the Skype interview? I’m starting my written application now for next year; I live in the US too! UWC Red Cross Nordic is my first choice.

    I hope I didn’t bombard you with too many questions!
    Thanks. 🙂


    1. Honestly just writing the essays was the hardest part for me because I feel it’s difficult to come across well on paper. After that it was mostly just really exciting and fun! You find out in February whether you get the skype interview. Best of luck to you!


  4. Hey Faith, I’m a semi-finalist for UWC and right now I am procrastinating my school work because of my anxiety over my upcoming UWC interview… Any advice on what to expect during the Skype interview? Thanks! 🙂


      1. Hey Faith! Thanks for getting back to me! About the interview, I was wondering to what extent do I need to know about current events? A deep and thorough understanding or just general knowledge is okay? What kind of questions can I expect to answer? Thanks!


      2. Hey Ellen! It depends to be honest, my interview didn’t cover any current events but I know others who were heavily centered around current events. If you showed some interest towards debate in your application there is a high probability that you will talk about current issues. Just prepare some good questions to ask! Other then that you really just need to know your self 🙂


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