Packing is taking over my life and other thoughts before I leave

Only 11 days before I take off on a Jet plane! Even as I write that it seems so surreal.  For now I am trying my best to prepare, although I’m not really sure what the weather is like in Flekke I am packing lot’s of rain gear.  According to every MIddlebury student from RCN I should get used to seeing a lot of rain in my future.  Things could be worse I suppose.  I keep staring at pictures of the campus utterly astonished because I’ve never seen a place that looks more like like a fairy tale.

For now my brain is consumed with all of the things I have to do before I leave and realizing I have so little time to do it! I have most of my clothes together but I still have to pack my suitcases.  Packing is so difficult when you don’t really know what to expect.  I look forward to the moment when all my bags are zipped.  However I am still trying to say my good byes to all my friends and family which is always a difficult thing to do.

Yesterday I was in Boston with seeing cousins which was really great! Especially since I am missing my cousin Holly’s wedding while I am in Norway.  11040399_965030429165_1560129153729647694_o

Now that I am back in Vermont I am taking the last of my Mandolin classes and making crazy plans with everyone.  It’s nice to see friends from camp and school but I just hate saying goodbye especially since I’ll be back in December.  Also I got my license FINALLY! So now I can use it for like a week and a half which isn’t super useful but hey better then nothing.

I am technically leaving a week before most students arrive at the college because My Mom and I are exploring Oslo and Bergen for a week.  And get this, the day we land we are going to Norway’s most popular outdoor festival! I was so excited when found out The War on Drugs, Courtney Barnett, Belle and Sebastian and Foxygen, some of my favorite bands are playing the day we arrived!  It’s going to be such an exhausting and exhilarating day I cannot wait. We stay in Oslo for two more days in a little apartment which look adorable.  For now we don’t have anything planned but I’m sure we can find something exciting to do.  Then we are taking a plane to Bergen and staying there for the days preceding my departure.  I am really hoping that in Bergen we can do a lot of hiking because the landscape looks positively beautiful.

Then I will take the bus to Flekke on the 17th of August!  Who knows what will happen after that 🙂

until next time


2 thoughts on “Packing is taking over my life and other thoughts before I leave

  1. that sounds fun! I love belle and Sebastian but I had no idea they were performing (and now feel unreasonably jealous) but have a great time and I’ll see you very soon 🙂


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