First Update


Officially two weeks since I arrived at UWC RCN and already so much has happened.  Intro week was an absolute blast, we rotated with activities including kayaking, rock climbing, canoeing and international affairs.  Surprisingly it barely rain during the whole intro week, but we will see how long that keeps up.  I had my birthday during the third day on campus and it was the first birthday of the year which is apparently a big deal.  The night before my birthday there was a huge surprise party for me in Iceland dayroom!  There were SO many people the room felt like an oven.  As soon as I entered the room people started dancing around me and singing the birthday song in all of their different languages.  There must have been over a dozen songs.  It was all very nice and a testament to how welcoming this community is. The campus is even more gorgeous then it looks in pictures and I can’t help but be amazed every time I walk to breakfast.  I really love my room mates and I am really glad that we get along so well.  A funny thing about this place is the tea consumption.  Literally everyone drinks tea all the time.  Other highlights, this past Saturday I participated in Forde Opp, a trail running competition about an hour from campus.  The mountain was only about 3,000 feet high but the trail was only about 2 miles long meaning it was insanely steep.  I don’t think I can accurately describe how steep the trail was.  I ended up having a lot of fun, although it was very physically tiring. Also yesterday I climbed the largest mountain on campus with a few friends.  It was so beautiful! I am really excited to keep exploring this place.



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